What are some exercises for every muscle group

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Exercises for Every Muscle Group

There are so many exercises out there for every body part, but not all exercises are really that effective. If you flip open a magazine or

look on the web, the options can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, there are some tried and true exercises that can help you reach your

fitness goals. But we don't just want to tell you what exercises to choose, we're about to explain the "why" behind choosing these

particular exercises, and what makes them the best exercises for your muscles!

Why These Exercises?

The exercises that are listed for each muscle group in this article are exercises that match several criteria.

Here are the characteristics of the most effective exercises for every muscle group:

Compound exercises involving upper and lower body strength movements have been proven to be some of the most effective exercises.

Many effective exercises are multi-joint exercises which use multiple major muscle groups at once

They can be done using little to no equipment

They can be modified for almost any fitness level

While many compound and multi-joint exercises are beneficial for most fitness goals,

it's still important to include some isolation or single-joint exercises from time to time so that your underdeveloped muscle groups

can catch up with your muscle groups that tend to be more dominant.


Strong backs are a sign of health and strength, however, they tend to be neglected with all of the

sitting that many people do on a daily basis. It's important to hit all of the muscles in the back,

whether it's the upper, middle, or lower back. Not only to back exercises make you look great,

but they can also prevent many different injuries.

Take a look at some of these effective back exercises:

Seated rows

Bent rows

Opposite arm and leg lifts



Swimming arm and leg lifts


This is perhaps one of the most popular muscle groups to train, for both men and women. Your abs obliques work together with your

back muscles to give you great posture, prevent injuries, and help you look great in your clothes. But there are a lot of

ineffective exercises out there that can delay your progress if you're not careful. These exercises may challenge you, but they

will give you results with the right diet and training program!


Bicycle crunches

Supine leg lifts


Squat thrusts

Mountain Climbers


Strong arms and shoulders are a sign that your serious about your fitness regimen. They also make doing everyday tasks so much easier.

Try these exercises!

Bicep curls

Tricep dips

Shoulder presses

Tricep pushups

Lateral raises

Arnold presses


If you do a lot of lifting on a heavy basis, then Chest exercises should be a staple of your training routine.


Flyes (cable or dumbbell flyes)

Medicine ball wall tosses

Seated chest presses


The legs and glutes make up the largest muscle groups in the entire body. They also support you on a daily basis,

so it's important to keep them lean and strong. You can also train your glutes when you train your legs - don't skip

this muscle group. Your glutes also preven low back injury, and they help hold up your pants.

Here's the best exercises for the legs and glutes

Hip/glute bridges




Bulgarian split squats


So now, we've given you some of the best exercises for your entire body. If you're short on time, try combining a

lower body move with and upper body move, for an intense workout. For example, combine a pushup with a rotation to

a side plank to target the arms chest and abs in one exercise. This is also a great way to change up your workouts

so that you don't get bored and keep seeing results!

Have fun!

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