Which aerobics exercises and moves give your body a complete workout?

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Aerobics: The Moves That Give Your Body A Complete Workout

Working up sweat, oxygen-rich blood, and a few minutes of sustenance is what aerobic exercise is all about. Aerobics, commonly called “cardio” in gym terminology, is a form of exercise that causes your heart, lungs and muscles to work faster, thus making you breathless quickly. Aerobics exercises and moves may sound strenuous and tiring, but they can give your body the most-required workout.

By considering the physical and emotional benefits of aerobics, many fitness centres persuade people to add it to their fitness regime. From reducing weight to increasing muscle flexibility, these moves keep your body fit and fine. Although there are several aerobics exercises and moves, here are a few that you should definitely try for toning your body:

1.     Warm-up

Warming up is of utmost significance to maintaining muscle health. Warming up your arms, shoulders, neck and core muscles provides support to your body while exercising, and puts the body in the workout mode. Moving your arms back and forth along with your legs, and breathing deeply for better oxygen circulation warms up your body. Now you are all set for the next steps.

2.     Step Touch

After you warm up, you need to intensify your workout. Step touch is the next step, which involves stepping gently from side-to-side by following an energizing beat or rhythm. Move your arms dramatically back and forth, and bring them to your front slightly. Feel the muscles getting warmed up and your heart rate increasing. A few minutes of this move can make your aerobic exercise fun and exciting. Try it.

3.     Step Out

Step out pumps up the activity and is extremely simple. You just need to stay in one spot with your legs separated and alternating your weight back and forth on one leg at a time. You need to tap one foot rhythmically on the ground at the same time. Mix step touch with it and move your arms back and forth. This is quite a dynamic workout.

4.     Heel Back

This move involves kicking your lower leg and foot upward behind and works something similar to hamstring curls. Move your arms rhythmically with your legs and continue breathing for two minutes. Feel the muscles in your legs unravel.

5.     V Step

Last but not the least, V step, which helps you to travel more. It is done in four counts; take a wide step forward with your right foot, then take a wide step forward and out with your left foot, then step back first with your left foot, and then with your right foot. A few minutes of this aerobic move will help you to strengthen your leg muscles and increase flexibility.

If you are looking for a not-so-strenuous exercise, then aerobics should definitely be a part of your workout regime. You are sure to feel energized after a session. So what are you waiting for? Just put on your gym clothes and go sweat it out with these moves!

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