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There are many benefits to vitamins B12 and B6 on your body, and these benefits affect exercise performance and recovery. In fact, according to research done by Oregon State University, athletes who lack B vitamins are not able to effectively repair muscle, nor do they get as much benefit from high intensity workouts.

You can get B12 in foods like oysters, clams, liver, caviar, fish, crab and lobster, beef, lamb, cheese, and eggs. You can find B6 in foods like bananas, beans, sunflower seeds and chicken breasts. However, many adults are unable to digest it and use it properly. Instead, you can get B12 and B6 in a vitamin supplement called B complex, or you can get them in injection form. There are several benefits to doing this.

Vitamins B12 benefits include a good source of energy. In a study done by Paul Cheney and Charles Lapp, patients with chronic fatigue syndrome experienced an eighty percent increase in the amount of energy they had. Other Vitamins B12 benefits are it is a sleep aid, helping in the production of chemicals that affect sleep; it helps muscle pain and can regulate your appetite and mood. In addition, the vitamin assists in DNA production where cell division is occurring rapidly. This breaks down to mean that B12 will actually help rebuild muscle and tissues faster than without the supplement.

Without B12 benefits from regularly having B12 in your diet, your body can be at risk for certain conditions such as depression, difficulty maintaining balance, anemia, confusion, irreversible nerve damage and, more seriously, even dementia.

The effects of B6 vitamins in your diet help in recovery because it is responsible for the production of hemoglobin and cells within the immune system. It is also essential to breaking down carbs to create energy and burn fat. Additionally, vitamin B6 affects serotonin levels, which effects sleep and recovery from muscular fatigue. Other effects of B6 vitamins is that it is also an important amino acid that works in protein building, which is vitally important for repairing muscle in athletes and body builders. It is a water-soluble vitamin that acts as a co enzyme which is necessary to breakdown and utilizes carbohydrates and proteins in the body.

Without the effects of B6 vitamins in your body, you can run into conditions such as asthma, alcoholism, depression, diabetes, a lack of energy, a low water retention and unwanted weight loss.

As you can see, vitamins B12 and B6 are greatly needed by the body. Without them, there are a number of conditions that you can run into. Some are more minor than others, but some can be quite serious and threatening to your overall health. These vitamins are easy to incorporate into your diet, either through foods that you eat, through a B-complex supplement, or through injections. Make sure that you get these vitamins in one of these forms to protect your health and your performance. It is not worth taking the risk in not making sure you have enough of these vitamins in your diet.

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