Why You're Still Not Losing Weight

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Answered by: Kelsey Erin, An Expert in the Exercise and Health Category
You've been trying to lose weight, and it seems you're checking all the boxes. You've cut down on the sweets, exercise on a regular basis and feel like you're on the road to success. Let's fast forward a month, as you step on the scale to check your progress. To your dismay, you've only lost two pounds. Frustrated, you ask yourself "What am I doing wrong? Why am I not losing weight?" Turns out, there's more to successful weight loss than just dieting and exercise. Here's what you're missing:

1. You're eating right, but without the right habits. That struck a chord didn't it? Most of us think that simply eating healthier foods or eating less will change everything, when that's far from the truth. In fact, you need to eat more food to fuel your body and give it the nutrients it needs, especially if you're exercising regularly. To start, try eating more foods with high protein, as it accelerates metabolism, keeps you full and reduces cravings. Love carbs? Cut those down too, as your body takes longer to process them. Eat continuously throughout the day, never skip breakfast, and eat without distractions. And most importantly, put the "dieting" mindset to the side and focus on a holistic approach of being healthy. Trust us, this will be more long term.

2. You're not lifting weights. While cardio is a great (and essential) form of exercise, it doesn't go far without incorporating weights. Strength and cardio are the perfect combination for successful weight loss, as you're testing different areas of your body and varying your workouts.

3. You have poor sleeping habits. If you didn't know your poor sleeping habits were effecting your weight loss journey, you do now! A great sleep schedule is important to both physical and mental health, and studies have shown that those who get enough sleep regularly have a better mentality during their workouts, and see the best weight loss results.

4. You're not drinking enough water. This is truly one of the biggest mistakes people will make in their weight loss journey. Not only does it make you burn more calories, but drinking it before meals can also help suppress you're appetite and can lower the risk of weight gain long term. Studies show that 1-2 liters of water per day is essential for overall health, regardless of weight loss.

5. You have unrealistic expectations, and you expect results too quickly. If you're comparing yourself to celebrities or friends, counting every calorie or expecting results within a week, you're expectations are unrealistic. Weight loss isn't something that happens over night, and while it's difficult, patience is key. Be persistent, have faith in yourself and respect that you're fitness journey is your own, and unique to you.

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